The Anastasia Pickering series was written to be a teaching tool in values and life lessons. Children learn the value of a positive attitude, for everyone can have a “rainy day,” as well as the importance of listening to ones own inner wisdom (represented by a fairy or sprite). Each book also has a lesson specific to that book. In book one, Anastasia’s Rain, Anastasia (Pickles) learns the virtue of patience.

Patience is important to use but hard to learn for Anastasia on her “doggie day at last” sixth birthday, for the excitement of the dog selection process tests her patience at every turn… and raindrops start to fall. With the guidance of Patience, the fairy, both Pickles and Rufus gain a new best friend!

Children marvel at the magical raindrops that appear when Anastasia finds herself in a “pickle” and they cheer her on as she resolves her problem by listening to the sage advice of her fairy or sprite.

Other books in the works:

Indigo, Spindigo, Where did Rufus Go?

Monkeys here, Monkeys there, Monkey, Monkeys Everywhere!

A Topsy Turvy Birthday Party!

Who is that Doggie in the Costume?

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