Hurricane Harvey

Anastasia was very upset when she saw the people struggling after Hurricane Harvey. She decided to send the money she saved this summer from doing chores to the victims. Mom is helping her research the best way to go about helping.

A fun Sunday

Pickles is playing with Will today. First, they went bike riding and now they are playing in the pool. Rufus and Will’s dog, Houston, are snoozing under a shade tree in Will’s back yard. zzzzzzz

A good day

Pickles and Rufus are having a great summer and this afternoon they are at the beach with Mom. Rufus is snoozing in a hole he dug and Pickles is making a sand castle while Mom relaxes.

Adventure Park

Pickles and Rufus are sleeping soundly while Mom and Dad are planning a trip to the Adventure Park for Anastasia. She will be very surprised and surely up for the challenge!

Water park

Pickles and her best friend, Sarah, are going to the water park today! Since Rufus doesn’t like water, he is happy to stay home with Mom. Have a great time girls!

Back to normal

After receiving a lot of treats and hugs, Rufus forgave Pickles and Mom for taking him to the groomer for a bath:) Now the two best friends are playing quietly together in the living room while Mom works in the study. Life is back to normal.

The groomer

Mom and Pickles took Rufus to the groomer today….Rufus does NOT like baths! Mom bought his favorite treats to make him happy once they pick him up this afternoon. It’s going to take a lot of treats!


Pickles and Mom had a good time shopping for school supplies and a new pair of tennis shoes yesterday. Now the family is cooking out on the grill. Rufus always hangs out by the grill to clean up any accidents:)