Field trip

Pickles was excited for the school week to begin. Her class is taking a field trip to the museum on Thursday. Sorry Rufus, no doggies allowed, but your best friend will be back at the end of the school day:)

Hide and Seek

School had a two hour delay because of the rain this morning, so Pickles and Rufus took advantage of their extra time together and played hide and seek. Rufus ALWAYS finds everything Pickles hides:)

Hurry up 3:00!

Pickles will be out of school soon. She will spend the weekend playing next door in Will’s pool! Rufus and Will’s dog, Houston, always have a great time together. Hurry up 3:00!

A Picnic

Today is the last day before Anastasia goes to school. She and Rufus enjoyed a great summer together. Today they are having a backyard cookout. Friends and their four legged companions will gather in the Pickering back yard!