A Great Start

What a great start to the weekend! Pickles has early release from school today, so Mom just picked her up from school and they are headed to have a girls lunch and to buy Pickles some new tennis shoes! Rufus is waiting patiently by the door for their return…then he will give those tennis shoes…

A Wonderful Easter

Anastasia had a wonderful Easter. After church there were several Easter egg hunts in the neighborhood. Fortunately Rufus had his best doggie friend, Houston, over to play in the backyard while the hunt at their house took place in the front yard. A great time was had by all!

A visit to the vet for Rufus

Rufus stepped on a piece of glass yesterday and cut his foot. After a visit to the vet, he is resting comfortably at home. Lots of love from his family and a few of his favorite treats made things all better. Mom will make sure he doesn’t try to remove his bandage while Pickles is…

Spring Break

Anastasia had a fantastic spring break! She and Rufus will miss being together all day today, but he will meet her at the bus stop with Mom this afternoon! Have a great day at school Pickles:)

It’s Zoo time!!

It’s ZOO TIME! Today Mom is taking Pickles and Sarah to the zoo. Sarah is bringing her dog Cookie over to play with Rufus while they are gone. Everyone is excited about the fun day ahead!!