Swimming fun!

Pickles and Rufus are playing outside all weekend because it looks like we have some story weather coming next week. Will, Pickle’s neighbor invited her to swim tomorrow and Sunday. Rufus will play with Will’s dog, Houston, and maybe he will take a snooze under the big oak tree in Will’s backyard while they swim:)…

Hot summer days

It is quite hot outside today so Pickles and Rufus played outside this morning. They are having lunch now and if Rufus has his way, they will take a long nap in the afternoon!

Learning to paint

Mom is teaching Pickles to paint with watercolors and lesson one is today. Pickles is a very eager and excited student! Patience, the fairy, will remind her to be patient with the process as she learns how to work with the paints.

Summer reading

Pickles has 5 new books to read this summer. Sometimes she read to Rufus and he seems to enjoy it but this time, her best friend is snoozing by her side.

The Zoo

The holiday is over but the summer holidays continue for Pickles and Rufus. Today, Pickles is going to visit the zoo with her neighbor, Will, and his family. Social distancing is a must but that will be easy. Rufus will mostly nap until she returns and then it is playtime with his best friend!

July 4th

The Pickerings and their next-door neighbors are getting together at the neighbor’s house for a July 4th cookout today. The community cookout was canceled but there are still fun times in store! Pickles already has on her swimsuit and Rufus has his favorite tug-of-war toy ready to go! Have a safe and fun July Fourth…