Back to normal

Pickles is back in school today after missing several days for bad weather last week. Dad is at work and Rufus is snoozing by Mom as she works from her office. Life is back to normal:)

A COLD week!

Pickles and Rufus had a very cold, no school, stay inside week. Yesterday was the first day they played outside and today they will go to the park, weather permitting. Whew!

Valentines Day Card

Anastasia was so surprised to see her aunt Josie yesterday.She, Mom and Aunt Josie went ice skating while Rufus ran errands with Dad. They all celebrated Valentines Day together and of course Rufus’s paw print was very prominent on the card Pickles made for her parents:)

Aunt Josie

Pickles and Rufus are still sleeping soundly this morning, but their aunt Josie, who arrived late last night, will wake them soon. What a great surprise awaits these two best friends!

Cold mornings

These cold mornings aren’t letting up, so Rufus is getting a lot of wear  out of his new coat. He doesn’t mind at all if he gets to walk his best friend to the bus stop!