Halloween night

Pickles and Rufus are going to a Halloween party in the neighborhood before going out for trick-or-treat. Rufus will be sport a bandana and sheriff badge tonight. It’s a great match for Pickle’s cowgirl outfit. Have a great time you two!

Sleep Over

Pickles invited her best friend Sarah to spend the night last night. The girls are still sleeping, but they have a big day planned. Rufus will be invited to all of their festivities!


Pickles and Rufus are still asleep on this cool Saturday morning. They have a whole weekend of play planned, but for now all one can hear from these two best friends are zzzzz’s!

The ALS Walk

The Pickering family will take part in the ALS Walk this weekend. Even Rufus is allowed to walk. He doesn’t mind being on a leash at all if it means being with his best friend! Thanks for supporting a great cause guys.