Memorial Day

Anastasia and Rufus had a great time with Aunt Josie this weekend. Today, everyone is attending a Memorial Day neighborhood picnic. It is a beautiful day to honor our fallenĀ soldiers.

Aunt Josie

Anastasia’s Aunt Josie took her to an indoor waterpark yesterday and today they are taking Rufus for a ride in the country to see the cows and horses. Rufus loves his joy rides in the country!


Rufus had to go to the groomer today. It is not his favorite place to go, so Pickles and Mom will have treats ready when they pick him up later today:)

Nana and Papa

The weekend is just around the corner! The Pickering family is going to visit Pickles’ Nana and Papa. Rufus loves the added attention and extra treats! Safe travels everyone:)

A perfect score

Because Pickles didn’t miss any words on her spelling test, Mom is taking her and Rufus to play at the beach this afternoon. Rufus loves to dig in the sand!

Summer garden

It’s Friday! Mom and Rufus are waiting at the bus stop for Anastasia and soon the weekend will begin. Tomorrow, Pickles and Mom are going to plant their vegetable garden…no doggies allowed in the garden:)

Back to School

Pickles and Rufus had a fun weekend “helping” her neighbor, Will, open his pool. Now it is back to school for Pickles and naptime for Rufus!