A Great Weekend!

Pickles and Rufus had a great weekend. She decided to get Will a softball glove for his birthday and he loved it! Rufus played with Houston, Wills dog, and they found a new hiding place in the back yard:)

A day at the pool

Pickles and her best friend Sarah are headed to the community pool this afternoon. Mom is packing lots of sunscreen, water and snacks. Sarah brought her dog Cookie to play with Rufus while the girls are at the pool. What a great way to start off the week!

Summer Break!

Dad loved the Father’s Day gift that Pickles made for him. The family spent a great day together. Pickles and Rufus are still sleeping this morning…first weekday of summer break!

The countdown has begun!

Anastasia had a wonderful weekend with her grandparents and Rufus enjoyed his special treat. Now it is back to school…little does Rufus know that the countdown has begun. Two more weeks of school and he will have a whole summer to play with his best friend!