Pickles made a perfect score on her spelling test yesterday. Each perfect grade earns ice-cream, so today she, Mom and Rufus are headed to the local ice-cream shop after school. Yummy!

A new week

A new week has arrived. Rufus and Mom just got back from walking Pickles to the bus stop. Today is a work day, so Mom is getting ready for her day and Rufus is snoozing….carry on.

Great plans

Pickles and Rufus are still sleeping, but later today they will go next door to watch Will’s pool being opened. They may not be able to swim yet, but they can make great plans!

Family Love

Anastasia missed two days of school this week due to a bad cold. Mom nursed her back to health and Rufus stayed by her side. With all that good love, she feels much better and is ready for a fun weekend with Rufus!

Easter Egg Hunt

Anastasia has been invited to an Easter Egg hunt today and Rufus gets to go too! He will hang out with Mom and Dad while Pickles and the other children fill their baskets with all kinds of eggs:) Have fun everyone!

Easter weekend

Pickles is looking forward to Easter weekend. Her grandparents will be in town and they always do a great job at spoiling her and Rufus. After church on Sunday, everyone is going on a picnic. One more day of school to go!