Play and study

Pickles and Rufus had a fun weekend. Today, the two best friends will play outside after school and then it is study time for Pickles. She has a spelling test tomorrow. Rufus likes to snooze by her side as she studies:)

A fun weekend

It’s Friday! Pickles and Rufus have a big weekend of playing planned. Sarah, her best friend, is coming to visit with her dog, Cookie, and Will, her next door neighbor is bringing his dog, Houston, over as well! Kids and dogs- a great combination for a fun time!

Rain, Rain, Rain

Today it sprinkled all day, but that didn’t bother Pickles and Rufus, for they are used to rain showers! Pickles had her umbrella ready to go when Mom and Rufus met her at the bus stop:)

A busy day

The Azeleas are in full bloom at the Pickering house and they are beautiful. Mom and Pickles planned their vegetable garden and Rufus rode with Dad while he ran errands. It was a busy day!

Sunny day

Pickles and Rufus have plans to go to the doggie park with Mom after school. Today is a beautiful day and Rufus is snoozing in a sunny spot in the backyard until it’s time to meet his best friend at the bus stop.

Bus stop

Pickles and Rufus had tons of fun on spring break! Now it is back to school for Anastasia. Rufus is waiting patiently with Mom at the bus stop for his best friend …then a little play time is in store:)

Beach afternoon

The whole Pickering family is taking a family trip to the beach this afternoon. It is the last warm day of spring break, so they are taking advantage of the nice weather. Rufus is waiting by the front door already!