A busy Saturday

Pickles and her parents attended her aunt’s nursing school graduation yesterday. It was a joyous occasion for all of the graduates and their families.Rufus waited patiently at home for his family to return. Once everyone arrived, these two best friends played for the rest of the day:)

A weekend at the farm

Pickles and Rufus had a great time at Victoria’s farm this past weekend. She held a chicken, fed the horses and miniature horses some carrots and Victoria showed her how to ride their horse swing. Rufus even made friends with the barn cat!

A visit to Victoria’s farm

Pickles has a new friend and her name is Victoria. She and Rufus have been invited to visit Victoria this weekend. She lives on a farm with horses and miniature horses! Everyone is so excited! Hmmm, Rufus has never seen a horse before:)

Back to School

Pickles likes her teacher and has already met a new friend at school. Rufus misses his best friend’s company, but enjoys the walks to the bus stop each day with her and Mom. Once Anastasia gets home in the afternoon, it’s play time with her best friend!