Botanical Gardens

Pickles Aunt Josie has come to visit for the weekend. The two girls have gone to lunch and then will head to the Botanical Gardens. Rufus and Dad are working in the yard. Rufus is a great supervisor!

A scraped knee

Yesterday, Pickles fell down on the playground and scraped her knee and leg. Rufus took care of his best friend when she got home by giving her lots of kisses and she is MUCH better today:)


Even though Pickles enjoys school, she is glad the weekend has arrived! She and Rufus plan to play outside all weekend in this beautiful weather and play time has already begun!

First week of school

Anastasia is enjoying her first week in school. She loves her teacher and has already made a new friend. Rufus misses his best friend but enjoys the walks with her and Mom to and from the bus stop each day. Now the weekend is nearly here and playtime is just around the corner!

Labor Day

Today, Anastasia, her parents, and Rufus are going to a neighborhood picnic. Mom and Pickles made potato salad and homemade pickles from the cucumbers in their garden. Tomorrow is the first day of school! Happy Labor Day everyone:)