Rufus is glad to have Anastasia at home these days even if she is studying. On sunny days, they get an hour off for lunch to play in the yard. Hurry up lunchtime, Rufus is ready to play fetch!

Home School

Pickles is settling in with homeschooling. She and Mom have worked out a good schedule that allows for studies and Mom’s work. It is a challenging time for everyone. We hope you can work out your new reality also. Stay safe!

Studying from home

Mom is working with Pickles on her spelling words and giving her math problems to do while students must study from home. Rufus is patiently snoozing by her side as she studies. At 3:30, it is playtime!

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday! Pickles loves Fridays because she has the whole weekend to play with her best friend. After the rain subsides today, the weekend looks to be perfect weather for her and Rufus to play fetch the ball. Perhaps they will visit Will, her next-door neighbor, and his dog Houston:)

Annual vet visit

Mom and Pickles are taking Rufus to his annual vet appointment after school. It is not his favorite appointment so shhhh….don’t tell him. Afterward, they will go to the park to play:)