Safe travels

The Pickering family had a great Thanksgiving and Rufus got a few table scraps mixed in with his food for the special occasion. Mema, PaPa, Nana and Papa are leaving this afternoon. Safe travels everyone!

Getting excited!

Pickles is so excited about Thanksgiving this year. Mema, PaPa, Nana and Papa are all coming to visit for the holiday. Rufus is already looking out of the window for his company to arrive!  

A trip to the dentist

Pickles has a dental appointment today so Mom will pick her up early from school. Rufus wants no part of the dentist so he will nap by the door until his best friend returns home to play. zzzzzzz  

A great weekend

The Pickering family had a great time visiting Mema and Papa this past weekend. Mema gave Rufus a big new chew toy. He chewed on it while Pickles got ready for school this morning. Now the two best friends and Mom are walking to the bus stop. Don’t forget your umbrella Anastasia!