Today Pickle’s class had show and tell. She chose to bring pictures of the chickens at Victoria’s farm. She shared each one’s name and their breed. Her teacher was very impressed and the class enjoyed her presentation:)

A fun Weekend

Pickles and Rufus had a great time in the country this weekend. Rufus became friends with Beast, the rooster, and Pickles got to ride a horse for the first time ever!

A trip to the farm!

Pickles is going to the country this weekend to spend the night with her friend Victoria. Rufus has been invited too! Victoria has horses, a miniature mule, chickens and a pet pig. What fun!

Back yard play

Since it is not too cold today, Pickles and Rufus are playing fetch in the back yard. Soon it will be time for homework and Rufus will snooze beside his best friend while she studies:)


Pickles had a short week in school because of the snow, so she and Rufus had plenty of time to play. Now, the weekend is here and these two best friends will sleep late and play all over again!

New Years Eve

Pickles did indeed stay up until midnight last night and so did Rufus! After a good night’s sleep, the two best friends are visiting her next door neighbor,Will, and his dog Houston. Have fun everyone!