Play time

Pickles and Rufus are having a great time at the park today with Mom and Dad. Tomorrow will be warmer and the family is planning a drive to the beach. Rufus loves running on the sand, but no water for him!


Anastasia made 100 on her math test today. It is her favorite subject. Rufus has learned math also…one bark for water and two for food!

A sleepover

Pickles and Rufus are still sleeping, but they have big plans for this weekend. Pickles best friend, Sarah, and her dog Cookie are coming over for a sleepover today. Fun! Fun! Fun!

A new week

Pickles and Rufus enjoyed their weekend of play, but now it is back to school for her and back to sleeping by Mom’s feet as she works from home for Rufus. Stay warm and have a nice week everyone!