The farm life

Anastasia and Rufus are spending the weekend with her friend Victoria who lives on a farm! Rufus loves their visits and finds all of the farm animals quite curious:)

Sunday afternoon

Pickles neighbor, Will, invited her and Rufus over for a cookout and pool day today. Rufus is snoozing in the shade with Houston, Will’s dog while Pickles and Will play in the pool. Everyone is having a great Sunday!

A day at the groomer

Rufus is at the groomer today for a bath and nail trim. Not being a fan of the water, Rufus always looks for a way to escape. Sorry buddy, no such luck today. You will go home a clean doggie despite your efforts!

Sunday sprinkles

Today’s rain showers were like Anastasia’s sprinkles so she and Rufus played outside all day! A nice rain cools off the earth and brings out lots of earthy smells. In a little while, Pickles will help Mom with dinner and Rufus will eat some dinner of his own:)