Memorial Day

Pickles and Rufus had a very nice Memorial Day weekend. Their family attended a ceremony for our fallen soldiers on Monday afternoon. Now it is back to school for Pickles. Rufus will meet his best friend at the bus stop this afternoon.

An unexpected rain shower

Pickles, Rufus and Mom got caught in a rain shower as they walked from the bus stop today. No worries for the Pickering family because they all carry an umbrella whenever they are with Pickles. It seems she is always running into rain showers:)

Outside and inside fun

Pickles and Rufus had a fun weekend. They played outside all day on Saturday and made up lots of fun inside games on Sunday until the rain passed…then they were back outside again! Now, it’s back to school for Pickles:)

Ice cream:)

Pickles got her spelling test back today. She missed one word which gave her an A. For her good grade, Mom is taking her for ice cream. Rufus gets to go too. He is always ready for a possible spill!