Afternoon at the dog park

Even though the weather is a little drab today, it’s still warm enough to play outside and that is what Pickles and Rufus plan to do after her virtual class time is over this afternoon. Mom will take them to the dog park and Rufus will play with his buddies while Mom and Pickles watch.…


Online school is going well this year for Pickles, but like most children, she misses her friends. Fortunately, her neighbor, Will, is always ready for a bike ride or a game of softball in his backyard when she needs a human friend. Rufus is always by her side as a doggie friend and Patience, the…

School time and bath time!

Pickles is busy with her studies, but Rufus is at the groomer today. He does NOT like baths, so he is likely to be in a bad mood when Mom and Pickles pick him up after school. No worries at all. Seeing his best friend always makes him happy, even after a bath!

Dog park afternoon

Today is another beautiful fall day. Mom, Pickles, and Rufus are at the dog park this afternoon. Everyone is allowed to social distance and the doggies are allowed to play themselves silly!