Sun and rain

Pickles and Rufus had fun in the sun on Saturday and a day full of snuggles and naps on their rainy Sunday. They even ventured out in the showers for Rufus’s potty breaks. A few rain showers are no big deal for this dynamic duo!

Spelling and math

Pickles made a 100 on her spelling test and a 90 on her math test. Spelling comes a lot easier for her than math. Rufus is very good at math. He knows that 3 barks will get everyone’s attention!

Study time

Pickles and Rufus are sleeping soundly after a day with two tests for Pickles! She and Rufus played a lot over the weekend, but she made time to study hard for her spelling and math tests. Sweet dreams you two!

A little rain can be fun

Rufus and Mom met Pickles at the bus stop this afternoon. With their umbrellas open, the three of them walked home in the rain showers, and Rufus snapped at the raindrops:) A little rain can be lots of fun!

Quiet Time

Pickles and Rufus are spending some quiet time together while Mom prepares dinner. Pickles is studying her spelling words and Rufus is chewing on a chew toy:)

Swimming in the fall!

On this beautiful and warm Saturday, Pickles is going over to WIll’s house to swim in his pool! Will’s dad has a solar heater to warm the water, so it’s pool time in the fall. Rufus will settle for playing with Houston, Will’s dog…no water for him!