Making friends

Pickles and Rufus are having a great time playing outside on this warm weekend. The Pickerings are at the state park this afternoon, and of course, Rufus is making many friends!

Nice weather

Mom, Pickles, and Rufus are playing at the doggie park on this beautiful afternoon. Days as warm as this one are rare in February, so the Pickerings are taking advantage of the weather!


Pickles and Rufus are looking forward to the weekend. Pickles had two hard tests this week and she is ready to play! Rufus is always ready to accomodate her:)

Dental checkup

Pickles has a dental appointment this afternoon. She had a good checkup on her last visit and has been very good about brusing and flossing. Rufus has been good about chewing his dental bones too!

A weekend of play

Rufus and Pickles are looking forward to a weekend of play! They are going to the doggie park tomorrow and over to play with Sarah, her best friend, and Sarah’s dog, Cookie, on Sunday! Woo Hoo!


Pickles and Rufus had fun playing outside on Saturday and inside on Sunday this past weekend. Now, Rufus is napping beside his best friend while she works on her math homework. ZZZ


Pickles will be out of school soon and the weekend will begin! Rufus loves having his best friend around for two whole days. They plan to go next door to play with her neighbor, Will, and his dog Houston. Have fun you two!