Back to school

It’s back to school for Pickles. Since Mom works from home, Rufus will snooze by her side until it is time to walk to the bus stop this afternoon. After homework, it will be playtime!


Pickles and Rufus have enjoyed having Nana and Papa visit for Thanksgiving. Nana always brings Rufus treats and Papa throws the ball for him. Everyone loves to spoil their favorite four-legged friend!

Upcoming weekend

Pickles and Mom are shopping for their Thanksgiving meal this weekend. Rufus will hang out with Dad while the girls are out. They guys may play some catch on what looks to be a beautiful weekend!

Closing the pool

Pickles and Rufus helped Will and his dad close their pool this past weekend. Rufus helped by keeping Houston, Will’s dog, company while Pickles and Will were very good helpers! Now back to school.

Apple Pie

Pickles, Rufus and Mom are waiting at he bus stop for the bus on this crisp fall morning. The weekend was lots of fun. Mom and Pickles made apple pies from the apples they bought at the Farmer’s Market. Yum!


Pickles and Rufus had a great time at Halloween. She dressed up as the Mad Hatter and he was a dinosaur. The neighborhood was full of ghoulish creatures!