New Year’s Eve

Pickles and Rufus are going with her parents to a fireworks show this evening. Rufus will wear his new Christmas coat and Pickles will wear her new Ugg boots. The Pickering family is looking forward to a great New Years Eve!

Favorite Gift

Anastasia and Rufus had a great Christmas. Her favorite gift was a new basketball and goal. Now she’s teaching Rufus to roll the ball back to her with his nose. He’s catching on very quickly:)


Pickles and Mom are getting some last minute shopping done today. They are also taking Rufus to the groomer for a B-A-T-H….shhhh. It is not wise to let him know ahead of time. He hides very well:)

Christmas Break

Pickles is getting very excited about her upcoming Christmas break! Rufus has no idea his best friend has two whole weeks to spend playing with him very soon….shhh it’s a surprise:)

Christmas Parade

Anastasia is going to a Christmas parade this Saturday evening and Rufus is going too! He loves all of the excitement and lights, but most of all he loves doing fun things with his best friend:)

Time to decorate

Anastasia made good grades on both of her tests this week and now she is ready for a fun weekend with her best friend Rufus. The tree has been decorated despite Rufus’s help and now they will decorate the yard:)