A fun Sunday

Pickles and Rufus are sleeping soundly this morning but later today Sarah, Pickles best friend, is coming over for a playdate and bringing her dog, Cookie. A fun day is ahead!

Pumpkin pie

Pickles asked Mom if they can make a homemade pumpkin pie together. After school, they are headed to the Farmer’s Market to buy a pumpkin! Rufus always love to go along for the adventure:)

The weekend

Pickles and Rufus have big plans for the weekend. They are taking a trip to the beach on Saturday with Mom and Dad and then they are going hiking in the state park on Sunday afternoon. The weekend is almost here!

Dog park

Pickles and Rufus are with Mom at the dog park this afternoon. Rufus loves playing with other doggies and Pickles loves to watch him have fun:)

The school year begins

Tomorrow is a big day for Anastasia. It is the first day of school! She looks forward to the school year but will miss spending days with her best friend. Mom will keep Rufus company while Pickles is in school and playtime will begin as soon as her homework is over!