The weekend is almost here for Pickles and Rufus. Due to the unseasonably warm weather through out the weekend, these two best friends will only be inside to eat and sleep! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Field Trip

It’s field trip day! Pickles and her class are going to the art museum today. Rufus is excited because she is excited and he will be at the bus stop when she returns this afternoon. Have fun Pickles!

A playful weekend

Pickles and Rufus played all weekend. Her next door neighbor, Will, came over with his dog Houston and the four friends had a blast! Now it is time for school. Rufus is waiting by the door to walk with Anastasia and Mom to the bus stop.

A taxing week

Anastasia and Rufus had a taxing week. Pickles had a spelling AND math test and Rufus had to go to the vet for his annual shots. Whew! These two best friends are ready for a fun weekend full of play:)