A surprise for Rufus

Pickles and Rufus are sleeping in this morning, but they have big plans for the weekend. Sarah, Pickles best friend, is coming over with her dog Cookie. Shhh…don’t tell Rufus, it’s a surprise!


Rufus woke Pickles this morning as he yipped and chased something in his dream. Before getting up for school, she enjoyed watching her best friend’s dreamy adventure:)

Another good weekend

Anastasia and Rufus played outside all weekend and helped Mom and Dad plan their vegetable garden. Planting time is not far away! Rufus and Mom are on the way back home from the bus stop this morning and Pickles is on her way to school.

Weekend plan

Anastasia had a good week at school and is very ready to have a whole weekend to play with Rufus. They are going to see her neighbor Will and his dog Houston on Saturday. Have fun everyone!!

Cold weather

Pickles and Rufus weathered another cold week and this morning is no different. It is about to warm up though and these two best friends can’t wait!!

Crazy weather!

Anastasia and Rufus will enjoy playing outside today after school in this 70 degree weather…. however:¬†tomorrow afternoon they will have to wear their snow boots! Crazy!!

Back to school

Very little snow is on the ground and Pickles is back in school…for hopefully a full week! Rufus enjoyed having his best friend at home, but he and Mom have a busy day until they meet her back at the bus stop this afternoon.