Pickles and Rufus enjoyed opening presents from Santa this morning. Rufus got a new chew toy and Pickles got new books and new skates! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from the Pickering family to yours:)


Pickles and Mom spent time Christmas shopping this weekend, and Rufus stayed home with Dad. The whole family will wrap gifts this week while Rufus tries to sneak off with a bow or two for shredding:)

Dog park

Mom and Rufus met Pickles at the bus stop and they headed to the dog park. Rufus is having a great time chasing squirrels, balls and other doggies:) Woo hoo!!

Tree trimming

The Pickering family had a great time decorating their tree and Rufus enjoyed hiding a few decorations in his favorite hiding place:) Now the two best friends are having breakfast and soon will be on their way to the bus stop. Have a nice day everyone!

Christmas tree

Pickles and Rufus are playing quietly upstairs while Mom and Dad watch a movie. Soon they will head out to buy their Christmas tree. Rufus thinks tree trimming is fun!