A Sleep Over:)

Anastasia’s best friend Sarah is visiting for a two night sleepover! The girls are already in the back yard playing fetch with Rufus and he loves the double attention! Have a great time everyone:)

Dog Play

Anastasia had a great day playing with Will, her neighbor, in his pool. Rufus and Houston, Will’s dog, are NOT water dogs, so their dog play was nowhere near the pool:)

A visit to the water park

Anastasia and her best friend Sarah went to the water park yesterday. Five hours of water slides made for a fun day and two very tired little girls! Today is another day and Rufus is ready for his walk…ruff, ruff means wake up Pickles:)

Vegetable Garden

The Pickering’s vegetable garden is doing very well this summer. Today Mom will teach Pickles about freezing and canning. When the girls work in the kitchen, Rufus snoozes in the den. zzzzzzz……

A Cousins Visit

Pickles and Rufus are still sleeping soundly, but they have big plans today. Pickle’s cousins are coming to visit and they always have a great time playing together. Of course Rufus will be in the middle of all the excitement!