No school today!

Pickles doesn’t have school today, so she, Mom and Rufus are headed to the park. Sunday afternoon they will attend an Easter egg hunt. Rufus finds those hunts curious, but he loves watching the children have fun!

Inclement weather plans

Because of the inclement weather today, Pickles and Rufus have an inside play day planned. Her neighbor, Will and his dog Houston, are coming over to visit. Doggie snoozing will be part of this chilly afternoon for sure!

Waiting patiently

Rufus waited patiently by Mom’s side for the school bus to round the corner. As soon as Pickles stepped off of the bus, his tail started wagging like a whirly bird! These two best friends have been playing outside ever since on this beautiful afternoon:)

Play date

The weekend has arrived! Pickles invited her neighbor, Will, over for a play date on Saturday. Of course, Rufus invited Will’s dog, Houston, to come over too:) Have fun everyone!!

A good weekend

Pickles and Rufus had a great time on Victoria’s farm over the weekend. Yesterday Rufus met his first chicken. He found them to be very curious looking but minded his manners and didn’t chase them. Good dog:)


Pickles and Rufus are already looking forward to the weekend. The Pickering family has travel plans to visit Nana and Papa and they are leaving after school on Friday. Pickles has packed her suitcase already and Rufus has placed his chew toy by the door!