The zoo

Mom is taking Pickles and her best friend, Sarah, to the zoo today. They are very excited. Pickles loves the chimps and Sarah loves the tigers. Rufus will catch a good nap while they are gone and be ready to play when they return!

Pool Day

Pickles and Rufus are at Will’s house today. Pickles loves to play in Will’s pool. Rufus prefers to snooze in the shade or play with Will’s dog, Houston. Everyone is having a great time!

Weekend chores

Pickles and Rufus are still sleeping this morning. Later today Mom will take Pickles to buy some school supplies. Summer is still in full swing but it is no sales tax weekend so the girls are taking advantage of it while Rufus hangs out with Dad.

Aunt Josie

Aunt Josie will leave tomorrow. Pickles and Rufus have enjoyed her visit very much. Because it is stormy today, Pickles and Aunt Josie are enjoying an afternoon reading new books and making up stories. Rufus is snoozing close by:) Sweet dreams Rufus!