Cooking out

Pickles and Rufus are enjoying this beautiful afternoon. Mom and dad are going to cook dinner on the grill and everyone is having dinner at the picnic table. Rufus always sneaks under the table just in case someone drops food:)

Field Trip

The Pickering family had an enjoyable weekend working a little and playing a little. Back to school for Pickles. Her class is going to the Virginia Marine Science Museum today. What a beautiful day for a field trip!


Pickles and Rufus are still asleep this Saturday morning but the day ahead brings big plans. Dad will till the garden with Rufus while Mom and Pickles plan what they will plant this year…spring is in full swing!

Nana and Papa

It’s Friday! Nana and Papa are visiting this weekend and that is always good news for everyone in the Pickering family. Nana always has a special treat hidden away in her suitcase for Rufus:)