Big Plans

Pickles has a dental appointment this afternoon, so Mom will pick her up a little early today. Rufus is waiting patiently at home for his best friend. He has big plans for their weekend! Wonder what they could be!?

Back to school

It is back to school for Pickles today. She is excited to see her school mates and her teacher. Rufus is snoozing and dreaming of chasing the ball with his best friend:)

Happy New Year!

Pickles and Rufus have really enjoyed their holiday vacation. Pickles was allowed to stay up until midnight last night to bring in the New Year, but sweet dreams took over by 9:30. She and Rufus camped out in the living room in her new teepee all night. From the Pickering family to yours- Happy New…

Thanksgiving fun

Pickles had a great Thanksgiving holiday. She and Rufus really enjoyed having her grandparents there. Now it is back to school and soon it will be time to buy a Christmas tree!

Math test

Pickles has a big math test this week. She sometimes struggles with math so each night Dad will help her with her practice work. Rufus will nap by his best friend’s side as she studies:) Having him by her side is very relaxing and helps her concentrate.