The Zoo

The holiday is over but the summer holidays continue for Pickles and Rufus. Today, Pickles is going to visit the zoo with her neighbor, Will, and his family. Social distancing is a must but that will be easy. Rufus will mostly nap until she returns and then it is playtime with his best friend!

July 4th

The Pickerings and their next-door neighbors are getting together at the neighbor’s house for a July 4th cookout today. The community cookout was canceled but there are still fun times in store! Pickles already has on her swimsuit and Rufus has his favorite tug-of-war toy ready to go! Have a safe and fun July Fourth…


Pickles and Rufus are taking an afternoon nap. When they awake, Pickles will go next door to play with Will in his pool while Rufus plays tug of war with Houston, Will’s dog. Summertime is so much fun!

Rainy days

It looks like Pickles and Rufus will play a lot of inside games this week. It will rain everyday and these are not Anastasia sprinkles:) No worries, Mom has playtime all planned out for these two best friends!

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day was different than years past because there was no community service and picnic. The Pickering family stayed home and cooked out on the grill. Rufus got lucky and snagged a dropped hotdog from the grill:) Honoring all of those who gave their lives for their country.

Lots of rain!

Pickles and Rufus will have to come up with inside games to play after her school work this week because it looks to be rainy for days! Who knows, if it warms up, they may play outside in the rain. Pickles and Rufus are quite use to rain showers!

Mother’s Day

Pickles made Mom a beautiful Mother’s Day card and gave it to her this morning. It was hard to keep it a secret, but the surprise was a success, and Mom loved her card. Rufus signed it too with his paw print:) Happy Mother’s Day to all of the great moms!

Spelling test at home

Mom helped Pickles with her spelling words last night and today, she will test her on those words. No breaks at this home school! Rufus will help by snoozing and not interrupting the test:)