It’s official!

It’s official… Summer break has arrived for Pickles and Rufus! The two best friends are sleeping in this morning and after breakfast, a full day of play and naps for Rufus is on their summer schedule:)


Pickles saw her first baby cucumber on the vine today! Within a few days, it will be ready to eat. Yum…cukes, vinegar, salt, and pepper! Rufus will stick to his doggie treats:)

Inside games

It is quite hot outside today so when Pickles gets out of school, she and Rufus will play outside after the sun goes down. Until then, the two best friends will play “hide the chew toy” inside:)

Memorial Day

The Pickering household is still sleeping but soon they will all be awake and Memorial Day for their family will begin. After attending the service for our fallen soldiers, they will attend a community picnic and then Pickles will take Rufus to Will’s house to play in the pool.

Memorial Day

Pickles and Rufus are attending a Memorial Day Picnic this weekend with her parents.  There will also be a service to honor our fallen soldiers. The long weekend has begun.

Pool fun

Pickles and Rufus are playing next door with Will and his dog, Houston. Pickles and Will are playing in the pool while Rufus and Houston are napping under the shade tree:)

It won’t be long now

Pickles and Rufus had a fun time playing outside this past weekend. Now it is back to school for Pickles but in less than a month, school will be out for the summer! Rufus will be very excited to have his best friend around all day, every day!