A summer visit

Nana and Papa came to visit over the weekend and took Pickles and Rufus back with them for a summer visit. Anastasia loves spending time with her grandparents and Rufus is happy just to be with his best friend. Have fun you two!

School’s Out!

School’s out for summer!! Pickles and Rufus have until September to play, and they are off to a good start. Anastasia’s best friend, Sarah and her dog Cookie, are coming over for a play date and sleepover. Let the good times begin:)

End of school test

Pickles has one final spelling test today. The teacher is testing them on the words that the most students missed on their tests during the year. Pickles studied hard and Rufus helped by napping quietly by her side. Good luck Anastasia!!

Almost here!

Rufus doesn’t understand that soon the year will be over and for a whole summer, he and his best friend will have lots of time to play fetch, go for walks, have fun at the doggie park and nap in the afternoons. It won’t be long now Rufus!

The weekend is here!

Anastasia had a good week in school. She did well on her math and spelling tests. Now it’s Friday and she and Rufus are ready for the weekend:) A trip to the beach and a romp in the dog park are on their schedule!