Summer break

Summer break is almost here! This afternoon Pickles will help Mom make brownies for the last day of school party tomorrow. Rufus will have his best friend at home everyday very soon!!

Pool Time

It’s Friday! Will, Anastasia’s neighbor, has invited her to play in his pool all weekend. Rufus is invited too. He loves to play with Will’s dog, Houston. No water for these doggies though! Have fun everyone:)


One more full week of school and summer break will be official! Pickles is so excited for a whole summer to play with her best friend. Rufus doesn’t understand the reason for her excitement, but he’s happy anyway!

A patient wait

When Pickle’s alarm clock rang this morning, she fell back to sleep, so now she is scurrying about. Rufus knows what this rush means, so he waited downstairs for their walk to the bus stop:) Smart doggie!