Nana and Papa are coming!

Anastasia is looking forward to the weekend. She and Dad will work in their garden tomorrow morning while they wait for Nana and Papa to arrive. Rufus has learned there is always a special treat for him in Papa’s pocket!

Memorial Day

Anastasia and her parents are going to a Memorial Day service this morning. Later today they are attending a neighborhood cookout. Doggies are allowed if they are on a leash. Rufus is already waiting by the door!

No doggies allowed in the garden!

Today is the day that Pickles and Dad plant their summer garden. Their plants have been growing in Dad’s greenhouse and are strong enough to go into the earth now. Rufus is allowed to watch. No doggies allowed in the garden:)

Happy Mothers Day!

Anastasia woke early this morning to give her mom the Mothers Day booklet she worked on for a week. Mom was so happy she started to cry and gave Pickles and Rufus a big hug. Rufus was quite puzzled by the tears, but Anastasia and Dad understood:) Happy Mothers Day to all our Mom friends…

Lots of Love for Mom

Pickles completed her mom’s Mothers Day card last night. It turned out to be a four page booklet with pictures, a poem and one big paw print! Lots of love went into THIS card!!