Gratitude on Thanksgiving

The Pickering family had a Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and lots of love. Dad raked a pile of leaves in the back yard and Pickles and Rufus jumped in them over and over. The food was delicious and the family did a Zoom call with Nana and Papa and MeMa and Pa Pa:)


Pickles looks forward to Thanksgiving next week but it will look different this year. They will not be with her grandparents but the families will do a Zoom call and trust they will be together for Thanksgiving next year. In the meantime, Pickles and Mom are going to the farmers market over the weekend and…


It is a rainy day today but this rain is definitely not Anastasia’s magical sprinkles! She and Rufus are snuggled together on her beanbag chair and Pickles is reading a story to her best friend. Rufus loves storytime with his best friend:)

Farmer’s Market

Pickles is about to end her virtual school day and then the weekend begins! Rufus is sleeping on his bed but soon it will be playtime! He also gets to go to the Farmer’s Market with the girls tomorrow. Rufus loves to go anywhere in the car…except to the groomer for a bath! 😁