Mom fixed Pickles favorite dish for dinner-spaghetti! Rufus quietly slipped under her chair during dinner…just in case something should accidentally drop:)


Pickles is back in school after her Thanksgiving holiday. She and Rufus had a great time with friends and family. This weekend they are decorating their tree and putting up Christmas decorations. SO much to do and it is all lots of fun!


Pickles is very excited that Thanksgiving is almost here. Nana and Papa are coming to visit and her best friend, Sarah and her parents, are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. Rufus is always excited when people visit, no matter what the celebration may be. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Dental visit

Pickles got out of school early today for her bi-annual dental appointment. She had a perfect check-up! Now she and Rufus are playing outside on this beautiful afternoon:)


Pickles and Rufus are enjoying this beautiful fall day! They went to the dog park earlier and now they are next door at Will’s house playing with him and his dog, Houston. Sunday’s are the best days ever!