Pickles grandparents are in town and everyone is looking forward to a very special Thanksgiving together. We hope you have a special holiday too! Happy Thanksgiving from the Pickering family to you. Rufus sends a special…ruff ruff:)

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday! Anastasia and Rufus are looking forward to a whole weekend of playing together. Rufus has a new ball that squeaks and he is ready to chase it around the back yard:)

A walk in the fog

Pickles, Rufus and Mom are on their way to the bus stop on this foggy morning. Rufus and Mom have some errands to run, but they will be waiting when Pickles gets off the bus this afternoon! Have a great day everyone!

Birthday Wishes

Today is Anastasia’s grandmother’s birthday. She and Rufus stayed up late last night making her a card. Of course Rufus added his paw print to the birthday wishes!

Math test

Anastasia has a math test today. Like her dad, she enjoys math, so Mom leaves the studying to them. Rufus supports her by snoozing quietly while she studies. Good luck Pickles!

Fall Back

Pickles and Rufus had a great Halloween….now they have a whole weekend to play and an extra hour to sleep in tomorrow. It’s fall back time tonight:)