Tug of War

Pickles did well on her spelling test today. Later this week she has a math test. After school, she and Rufus are going next door to play with Will and his dog Houston. Rufus and Houston love playing tug of war with their rope toys!

Such a beautiful day!

It was hard for Anastasia to concentrate on her school work today because it is so beautiful outside. She is an outdoor girl! Rufus waited patiently for her to finish her work and now the two best friends are at the dog park with Mom:)

A lovely Sunday morning

Pickles and Rufus are still sleeping on this lovely Sunday morning but soon they will rise and shine to a new fun day. Pickles and Mom are going to buy the plants for their summer garden this afternoon while Rufus stays home with Dad. Have a great Sunday everyone!


Pickles and her neighbor, Will, will have an Easter Egg hunt between their two yards this afternoon. Rufus and Will’s dog, Houston, will search for hidden doggie treats too! Mom and Dad are hiding eggs and treats now. Let the fun begin! Happy Easter, everyone:)

A good weekend

Pickles and Rufus enjoyed this beautiful weekend. They played outside the entire time! Now Rufus is snoozing on his bed and Pickles is studying her spelling words. Patience, the fairy is close by should Pickles need a bit of good advice:)

A fun weekend!

Pickles and Rufus had a fun weekend! It was chilly and sunny… a perfect day for riding bikes and playing catch in the backyard. Anastasia is studying for her math test now and Rufus is snoozing on his bed:)

A new friend?

While Pickles and Rufus were on a walk after school, they met a new neighbor walking her dog. His name is Slim and he is a Walker Coonhound. Rufus curiously wagged his tail and Slim gave a big hound dog bark in excitement!

lovely sunny day!

The sun is out and the day is slightly cold…a perfect day for an after-school visit to the dog park! Rufus is waiting for his best friend to finish her studies and then off they will go!