bus stop

Pickles is enjoying school and has met new friends. Rufus enjoys walking with her and Mom to the bus stop in the mornings and greeting his best friend when she gets off the bus in the afternoons!

First day of school

Pickles was excited all weekend for the first day of school. She met the bus at 7:30 a.m. and sat with her best friend, Sarah. Rufus will miss his best friend but hanging out with Mom is always nice too:)

Summer fun

Pickles and Rufus are really enjoying their summer! Soon it will be time for school but for now, the two best friends are playing hard and sleeping soundly!


Mom and Pickles are doing some back to school shopping this weekend. It is tax-free weekend! Rufus will hang out with dad. No shopping for doggies:)


Pickles, Mom and Rufus are visiting a horse farm today. Pickles may decide to take horseback riding. Rufus is along for the ride:)


Pickles and Mom went to the Farmer’s Market early this morning. Mom wanted to purchase some fresh corn for their cookout tonight. Once the sun goes down and the heat is not so intense, the Pickerings will try Beyond Meat burgers on the grill for the first time. They will also have broccoli salad and…