Sheila Kilpatrick


Sheila Kilpatrick


I wrote the Anastasia Pickering series for everyone who has faced a rainy day. With the encouragement of a good friend and later editor, I put pen to paper after creating the story of Anastasia, a little girl who always runs into rain showers.

As a breast cancer survivor I have faced my own rain with the help of loyal friends and family. My young relatives, Sarah, Will and Lexi’s magical points of view helped me see reflective healing colors in the quiet of the rain.

I know that a positive attitude and the ability to listen to my own inner wisdom have helped me through some very hard times. Along with the lesson of patience, Anastasia’s Rain, shares these life lessons with children in hopes of opening their young minds to a positive perspective as they face the showers of their own lives.

I received a bachelor’s degree in art education from East Carolina University and many years later pursued my interest in writing by taking a creative writing class. It wasn’t until I watched my very young niece and nephew playing joyfully in the rain showers that I came up with the idea of Anastasia.

My book received recognition from Writers Digest, Mom’s Choice Awards and The Dove Foundation.  I have written four other Anastasia Pickering manuscripts with the hopes of publishing them all.

I’ve lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia for over twenty-five years and am originally from North Carolina. Living near the water has been such a pleasure, for it spurs my creativity and soothes my soul.  Other things that give my life meaning are writing, reading, enjoying my horse and canine friends and spending time with friends and family.

Don’t forget your umbrella!


Perry Deglandon

IllustratorArt has been a part of Perry Deglandon’s life since she was a small child. Originally from Louisiana, Perry has been working in the field of art since the age of fourteen.

With the encouragement of her family as well as her friend, Mrs. Rongey, she received a BFA in graphic design from University of Southwestern Louisiana, worked at a newspaper, and started her own design studio.

Today she continues to work in the field of art. She lives in Virginia Beach with her husband Terry, their two daughters, their dog Lucy and an energetic cat.

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