A few showers? No problem!

Pickles and Rufus had lots of fun playing outside this weekend. Today is a bit dreary, but a few showers never stopped these two best friends from enjoying the outdoors. Pickles always has an umbrella at hand!

A great weekend

Pickles and Rufus took a stroll with Mom and Dad on the beach on Sunday and played in the park on Saturday. It was a beautiful weekend and one filled with lots of fun! Now it’s back to school until next weekend:)

The Farm

Pickles and Rufus are very excited this morning because they are going to the country to visit her friend Victoria. Rufus is very curious about the farm animals and has made friends with the barn cat. Woo hoo, the weekend is here!

Back to school

Pickles and Rufus had a fun-filled weekend and now it is back to school for Rufus’s best friend. He will hang out with Mom as she works from home, and they will be back at the bus stop at 3:00!

Skating weekend

Pickles and her best friend, Sarah, are going skating this weekend. Rufus and Sarah’s dog, Cookie, have big plans to play tug-of-war games at the house with Dad while the girls are with Mom at the skating rink. Have a great weekend, everyone

Back to school

Pickles is back at school from her holiday break. She and Rufus had lots of fun, but now it’s time to get back to learning! The dynamic duo is having breakfast and will head to the bus stop with Mom soon. Bundle up, everyone; it’s chilly:)

Holiday update

Pickles had a wonderful Christmas. She has already learned to skate on her new ice skates, and Rufus got chew toys galore! Will they make it to watch the Ball drop on tv tonight? Stay tuned:)