Anastasia is excited that the new StarWars is coming out soon. Due to her excitement, she decided to dress as Yoda this year. Mom even found Rufus a Yoda dog hoodie! Have fun you two!!

On the way to the bus stop

While walking with Anastasia to the bus stop this morning, Rufus cut his foot. Mom took him to the vet, but it wasn’t a bad cut. Now he is home waiting for his best friend to return from school. He even got a special treat to help him feel better:)


Pickles and her friends had such a good time on Friday evening and Saturday that they had a second sleepover on Saturday night! Now it is time for school and soon Anastasia, Rufus and Mom will head out for the bus stop.  Make it a great week everyone:)

A Sleepover

Pickles invited her friends Sarah and Victoria for a sleepover tonight. The girls are busy playing and of course Rufus is in the middle of it all! Have fun girls!!

This past weekend

This past weekend the entire Pickering family, including Rufus, walked in the Komen Race for the Cure. It was a new experience for Rufus, but he met some great new doggie acquaintances. Now he is waiting for Mom to make their walk to the bus stop. Pickles will be home soon!

A weekend indoors ahead

Rufus got over his B-A-T-H experience and is going to have two days to play with Anastasia, starting soon. All of their games will be indoors this weekend due to the storm. These are NOT Anastasia’s magical sprinkles:)