Swim time!

Pickles and Rufus are enjoying the hot weather this week by visiting Will, her next-door neighbor. Rufus loves hanging out with Houston, Will’s dog, while Pickles and Will play in the pool. Lots of sunscreen will be needed!

Garden vegetables

The Pickering family garden produced lots of good veggies this summer. Their cucumbers are no longer producing and the tomatoes are nearing the end of their life cycle but the okra is still going strong. Mom and Pickles plan to plant swiss chard and arugula for the fall. Fresh vegetables are the best!

The upcoming school year

Later today Pickles and Mom are going to prepare a space in the dining room for Pickles to do her homeschooling. Then they are going shopping for school supplies. Mom will now work a flex schedule and soon the new school year will begin virtually.


Pickles is helping Dad and Mom move the lawn furniture to the shed in preparation for the upcoming storm. Rufus is being a good boy by staying out of the way. Everyone is prepared! Stay safe:)