Shaking and rolling

Bath time for Rufus went as expected. He got away just as his bath ended, shaking and rolling all around the yard. Fortunately, it was a warm and sunny afternoon so he dried on his own. Pickles was not able to catch him for a long time once he got away! 😂

Great escape?

The Pickerings usually take Rufus to the groomer to get his bath, but tomorrow they will attempt it on their own. Since Rufus doesn’t like baths, he may try to make the great escape. Stay tuned!


Pickles misses her best friend, Sarah, now that everyone is going to school at home during COVID 19. They are going to facetime later this afternoon. Perhaps Rufus will get to see Cookie, Sarah’s dog, as well. They are making the best out of our strange times!

Problem-solving showers

Anastasia found herself in a bit of a pickle yesterday and her magical, problem-solving showers began to fall. As she resolved her problem by listening to Patience, the fairy’s words of wisdom, she figured out what to do and resumed playing with Rufus!