A busy Saturday

Rufus is snoozing under a tree while Dad cuts the grass and Pickles is helping Mom with groceries. Later the family is going to the doggie park to exercise Rufus…knowing Rufus his family members will get plenty of exercise too!

Memorial Day

Pickles got up early this Memorial Day morning to help Mom in the kitchen. The Pickering family, along with Rufus, will attend a holiday neighborhood cookout this afternoon. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

A fun weekend

Anastasia and Rufus are still snoozing this morning, but soon their day will begin and a fun weekend is in store. She and Rufus have been invited to Will’s house again to swim. Rufus does NOT like water, so he will play with Houston, Will’s dog. Then comes Memorial day…stay tuned:)

A good weekend

The weekend was a lot of fun for Pickles. She went swimming in Will’s pool and yes it was chilly,but she jumped in anyway:) Rufus got a bath at the groomer and smells much better. Now, off to school!

Pool invitation

Will, Anastasia’s next door neighbor, has invited her to go swimming in his pool on Sunday, but he water is still chilly! Will she jump in? Stay tuned:)


Anastasia was invited to a birthday party this Saturday. Rufus doesn’t know it, but he will be at the groomer while she is at the party. Rufus does NOT like baths…shhhh