A lazy Sunday afternoon

Yesterday, the Pickering family went to the beach and today they are spending time indoors. Pickles is helping Mom make brownies and Rufus is napping with Dad. They are enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon:)


Pickles and Rufus just went to bed. They are both looking forward to a fun day tomorrow! They may even visit the beach if it is warm enough. Rufus loves to dig, and Pickles loves to look for shells. Fingers crossed for a nice day.

yearly shots

Rufus has a vet appointment for his yearly shots tomorrow. Pickles and Mom are taking him after Pickles gets out of school. He likes his doctor, partially because she always gives him a treat:)

Beautiful weekend

Pickles and Rufus had a great time playing together over the beautiful weekend. Now it is back to school for Pickles. Rufus will be waiting at the bus stop for his best friend this afternoon:)