Upcomming weekend

The weather is a little overcast but Anastasia’s spirits are high. It’s Friday! She and Mom are going to plant the vegetable plants that they bought last week on Saturday. Dad is going to take Rufus for a jog during that time, because Rufus and freshly tilled earth are not a good combination! Have a…

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday AND early release from school! Pickles, Mom and Dad are buying the plants for their summer garden this weekend. Rufus is not allowed in the garden…but he sure does love to dig:)

Yoga moves

Mom enrolled Pickles in an after school yoga class and she loves it. Rufus sometimes tries to imitate her moves at home. It is quite a sight to see!

Bath Time

Rufus had to go to the groomer this morning for a bath:( Pickles had a special treat for him when they returned home, because we all know Rufus doesn’t like water… except for Anastasia’s magical rain showers!

A few snowflakes

Pickles and Rufus had a great time playing outside this weekend. They even saw a few snowflakes! Now it is back to school for Pickles. A little snooze is in the plans for Rufus until his best friend returns this afternoon:)

A walk to the bus stop

Brrr…it’s cold outside on this spring morning. Rufus wore his winter coat on his walk to the bus stop with Pickles and Mom. Fortunately when he and Mom return this afternoon, he won’t need it:)

Back to school

Back to school for Pickles. She, Rufus and Mom are on their way to the bus stop. Rufus will be back this afternoon to meet the bus and walk his best friend home:)

Spring breack

Anastasia’s spring break was a lot of fun. She and Mom went to the zoo, to the beach and to the museum. Rufus greeted her with his whirly- bird tail each time she returned. Two more days and back to school:)