Tell Your Own Story

Anastasia’s Rain is the story of six-year-old Anastasia Pickering (Pickles), her dog Rufus, a very wise fairy named Patience, and magical rain showers that appear each time Anastasia finds herself in a “pickle”.

I would like to invite you to join me in creating a story with your child using the characters in my book. My remaining four unpublished manuscripts bring in other characters as well and I will describe them briefly. You may use them if you like or bring in a character of your own. Rain showers will fall when the characters find themselves in a “pickle” and as they resolve the problem, the rain will fade, a twirl of Pickles’ umbrella will dry everyone and a rainbow will appear in the distance.

Please use my book as your guide when working on your own story. Each story must have a beginning which introduces the characters and sets up the story, a middle which presents the problem and an ending which resolves the problem.

Due to time constraints, I am only able to work with one child at a time. If you see a story in the works, please feel free to enjoy our process and let me know through a blog post of your interest in writing a story with your child.

Future characters:

Sarah is Pickles’ best friend. She is Asian -American and is six years old. She has a Basset Hound named Cookie. She does not live in Pickles’ neighborhood, but lives nearby.

Will is Pickles’ next-door neighbor and is also six years old. He is Caucasian and has a Sheltie named Houston.

Eli is African- American, Will’s best friend and is also six years old. He lives in the same neighborhood as Will and Anastasia. So far, he does not have a dog.

Victoria is in Anastasia’s class at school and lives on a farm nearby. She is Hispanic- American. She has a horse (Chesapeake), two miniature horses (Dickon and Moonshadow), a miniature mule (Pedro), two barn cats (Woody and Sam), a pot bellied pig(Eleanor) and a Labrador Retriever (Mr. Jackson).

Lexi, is sixteen years old and works as a dog groomer on the weekends and two afternoons after school. She has a little brother who is five years old and his name is Alexander. They are Caucasian. They live next door to Victoria.

Each story must contain a lesson. You may choose your lesson. You may choose if you want a fairy or sprite. That character always has the name of the lesson in the book. Example-Patience, the fairy, in book one teaches the lesson of patience.

You may choose the setting and even choose what you want the children to say to each other(dialogue). In other words, use your imagination to create another fun adventure for Pickles and Rufus!

Our goal: My goal is to help you create your own story with Pickles and Rufus. Your goal is to work with your child to make up his/her very own story, then send your ideas to me and we will put it all together. I will give you instructions for each step  and as we complete each phase, your story will be posted on my “story in progress” page.

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